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OUR is a dynamic organization of retail workers dedicated to improving the lives of those working in the country’s largest job sector through peer workplace support and community building. OUR is a key driver in a new, dynamic movement of low-wage workers that is changing the national conversation about low-wage work and empowering workers with education around their workplace rights and community based resources so they can achieve job stability and improve working conditions. OUR’s success derives from its investment in developing high level leadership from its base and using social media to connect people into communities of peer support and action. 


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OUR has achieved national scale and impact through an innovative fusion of workplace based and on-line outreach and education as well as strong community partnerships. Hundreds of leaders around the country anchor OUR’s work, and tens of thousands of retail workers in all 50 states use OUR’s tools at their worksite or online. OUR members support each other, share information around their rights and resources, advocate for improved workplace conditions, share their stories publicly, propose policy improvements, participate in intensive leadership training, and build alliances with community partners. 

OUR has an established a track record of winning improved wages and employment standards, as well as public policy campaigns that impact working families. Just this year, OUR members won a historic wage increase at Walmart, followed by Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, that is putting billions of dollars into the pockets of retail workers. 

OUR has also participated in policy campaigns to win minimum wage increases, fair scheduling, paid sick time and rights for pregnant women. OUR leaders and activists are largely low-wage workers, people of color, and women, and are poised not only to be engaged as voters themselves, but also to share their stories publicly to put retail, and its largest employers such as Walmart, at the center of major policy debates and to educate and activate their families, coworkers, and larger communities on a variety of issues in 2016 local and national elections.  OUR program priorities are set by leadership teams worker leaders organized into national, local and issue based leadership teams. 

OUR is seeking funding to continue our work, further develop our civic engagement program, and develop a digital platform that will transform the way that workers can come together across geography to support each other, connect to quality, low-cost services and programs, and join campaigns to change retail employers and public policy.

Again, visit our PROJECTS PAGE and consider making a DONATION to support our work.

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