The power of OUR’s growing online network is that we are accessible everywhere in the country and we reach hundreds of thousands of workers across thousands of workplaces in both rural and urban communities. OUR’s scaled community of peer support helps people solve immediate challenges they face at their jobs and develop their leadership to advocate for long-term solutions. OUR members have pioneered an online-to-field organizing model that combines digital outreach with on-the-ground engagement and leadership development.



Winning good jobs at Walmart, the country’s largest private employer, is the gateway to changing the service economy as a whole. OUR Walmart leaders have built robust national and local communities of peer support to help each other navigate the daily challenges of their lives and enforce their rights. These families are a united voice calling on Walmart executives and the Walton heirs for change by using their voice as shareholders.

As OUR Walmart’s network becomes increasingly politicized, we are exercising our power in policy making and at the ballot box. Online and in their communities, OUR leaders are moving each other to vote

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Rise Up Retail

The courageous, coast-to-coast activism and protests by thousands of women who lost their their jobs because of Toys ‘R’ Us’ Wall Street-driven bankruptcy have amplified the crisis facing working families across the country.

OUR’s Rise Up Retail campaign connected laid-off Toys ‘R’ Us women nationwide to call for the $75 million that had been promised to employees in severance pay. This fierce campaign is poised to have a lasting impact for hundreds of thousands of people working for Wall Street-owned retail employers. KKR and Bain Capital are creating an unprecedented employee fund that would offer struggling families some financial support as they get back on their feet.

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