Winning good jobs by changing corporations and public policy

Corporations like Walmart and Amazon have grown too big, using technology to automate our jobs and letting Wall Street gamble with our livelihoods. They’re rigging the rules of democracy and the economy while taking advantage of our hard work and our communities.

OUR’s network is fighting for a future where all of our families can thrive. Driven by the leadership of women across all races – black, brown, and white – we’re generating momentum for major employers and policymakers to create jobs with stability and dignity.


Changing public policy: Led by women, OUR’s network activates people working for the nation’s largest low-wage corporations and supports their leadership to advance campaigns to win economic stability by raising the minimum wage and winning a fair workweek, paid family leave, paid sick time, overtime pay, equal pay, and securing protections from sexual harassment as well as forced arbitration. We are pushing for a strong social safety net, from affordable healthcare to expanded funding for child care.

Raising the floor: Uniting for respect, OUR leaders have pushed Walmart to raise wages for its massive workforce of 1.5 million employees, expand paid family leave policy to half a million people working in full-time jobs, and improve its pregnancy accommodation policy.  As the largest retailer in the country, these victories to change Walmart have rippled across the industry, with other major retail brands like T.J. Maxx and Target raising pay delivering more than $2 billion in wages and access to paid leave for working families.

Recently joining OUR, the Fair Workweek Initiative (FWI) and its partners also bring a track record of high-impact industry change by moving:

  • Over 12 retail brands to end on-call scheduling including Gap Inc., Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Aeropostale, Carter’s, Disney, and more – ensuring that a quarter of a million retail workers no longer have to put their lives on hold with unpaid on-call shifts.

  • Thousands of baristas into action and successfully pushing Starbucks to adopt 2-weeks’ advance notice and guaranteed rest between shifts.