OUR is a movement innovator harnessing technology and distributed grassroots leadership to achieve scale, sustainability and capacity for growing, robust organizations of working people. As a leader in online-to-field strategies, we provide working people, grassroots organizations and national networks new tools and training to develop deep leadership and a growing base.



Envisioned and designed by people who work in retail, WorkIt is a digital platform and app that harnesses machine learning to simultaneously deliver real-time, easily-understandable answers to people’s workplace questions while providing labor and community organizations with thick data and direct connections to folks that can be leveraged to improve job conditions. WorkIt directly feeds OUR’s campaign for enforcing workplace rights, base-building and sustainability work. Labor and community groups are also using the platform as a service for their members.


OUR also offers training and strategy services via our Online 2 Offline Strategy Group (O2O) team, which consists of veteran leaders from innovative U.S. campaigns including OUR Walmart, Justice for Janitors, and national campaigns to organize airport workers and security guards. We have decades of experience adapting and creating new organizing tools to help organizations strategically build effective campaigns and mobilize members.

Fair Workweek Initiative

Working people need a stable workweek that their families can count on – one that allows them to care for their families, stay healthy, and get ahead. Driven by grassroots leadership, the Fair Workweek Initiative has advanced a national movement to restore a family-sustaining workweek for the country’s hourly workforce. Supporting policy and industry advocacy, our partners and the movement has won a fair workweek for 1.8 million working families.